About Pamela

Born Gifted Pamela sees, hears, feels and just knows things,  she is very connected to our friends on the other side
and  higher realms. Straight forward, empathic, loving, kind and compassionate, she works with spirit to bring proof,
love and  hope to empower her clients.
She is  available for private parties and events.  

See what others have to say about her:
Hi Pamela - Just giving you an update from the reading you did for me over the phone this past October...you
said I could thank you when "the ring" comes back...WELLLL it did!!! My mom just called me yesterday and
said they found my Grandmother's ring! Apparently it was stuffed away with some old jewelry and watches in
her closet which was in a "record keeping" safe. Remember you kept saying: It's in the records"? Anyway. Just
letting you know how happy we are to have it located and back into our hands!
                 ♥ Carolyn from CT .

My Reading with Pam was so much more helpful than I ever expected it to be. I t just left me with a feeling of
peace about my life now, and excitement about my future, Thank you!
                Gwen, Pawling, NY

I work with Pam as part of Paranormal Research Team in New England. She is a truly gifted person, and has been able to help
us with clients that need help with understanding what is going on in their homes, and house cleansings with amazing results.
                Jeanine, Rhode Island

Pam is by far the best!!!! I have had both psychic readings and medium readings and was blown away. I have recommended her
to friends and they have all raved about how great she was. I am currently in the process of getting some friends together again
to have her come back and do readings for all of us. I strongly recommend her services!
                  Linda, Saugus, MA

Pam made my very first reading a wonderful positive experience. Thank you so much!
                  Sue, New Fairfield, CT

I respect Pam more than anyone I know. I met her 3 1/2yrs ago for a reading in Salem, MA. What an incredible psychic medium
she is!!!!
Her God given gifts are amazing and her sincerity is beyond words. That
reading 2 1/2yrs later has all come to be. I have always been spiritual but Pam gave me a total affirmation that there is life
beyond this life we live now. That stuffed lamb that my Dad showed her in my reading is my daily affirmation of a life beyond. It
has also helped me in my work,
as a psychic, I too teach others about the signs from above. I believe that my Dad lead me to Pam and I thank God everyday for
her friendship and most of all her guidance. She is one of the greatest gifts I have received from above!!! I love you Pam....Love
and Light...
                     Diane,  Danbury, Connecticut

Pamela Landenburg's readings are healing, powerful, protective and empowering. She leaves no stone unturned. When spirits
come to communicate through her you can feel them in the room. When she told me about the dirty Raggedy Ann doll that could
never be pried from my hands as a child.....I knew my Paternal Grandmother was their right beside me. I appreciated being
informed of what I was not sure of which was my Grandmother communicating to me by tapping on glass. I had started to hear
strange tapping noises prior to meeting Pam and I did not know what they were or where they were coming from. What was
equally comforting to me was the message from my DAD which I can never thank her enough for providing me with. I highly
recommend Pamela Landenburg!            Darlene Nolin, Derry, NH

Insightful with clarity tremendous affirmation for my path! My plan it to keep Pamela in my toolbox as she is a valuable
resource              Gina,  New York

In my conversations with Pam she has always been very professional yet caring and takes a genuine interest in our
discussions. She provided clarity and insight to various life questions where others in her profession could not. I look forward to
continuing my spiritual development with Pam.                                                                      Liem, Texas

I met Pam in a Paranormal Group and we became friends. In the time we have been friends she has given me a reading and it
truly was the most amazing one I ever had. She told me things no one knew and has amazing insight and accuracy. I would
recommend Pam to anyone looking for a reading or needing help with spirituality and paranormal work. She is down to earth,
honest     and 100% real                                                            Heather,  Nashua, NH

A Month. after my husband's death my niece visited Salem & spontaneously had a reading done by Pam. It was done on a whim,
without any belief, but she was 2 Months. pregnant & thought it would be interesting to see if she came up with anything about a
baby. Pam saw the baby & many other pertinent things about my niece, but the astounding part was that Pam kept getting a
forceful NATHAN. The better part of the reading was about Nathan as he kept interjecting. She described him & many
interactions between him & me which Pam thought related to my niece. I suppose as it was her reading. We were so glad that
the reading was taped. Pam commented that she was getting a headache. Later in the reading she said the headache was
getting quite severe & didn't know if it was her or the reading. As she was preparing to do the angel cards she was talking
about them to my niece & then said - who's Nathan? She was obviously struck by the forcefulness of his interjections. Not until
then did my niece admit knowing a Nathan. (My husband was a troubled personality & I had headaches every day of my life
which stopped the wk. after he died.) The whole family was stunned by hearing this tape. We later had Pam to our house to do
family readings & she was accurate on every one. I know we wore her out. She did not know we were the family of Nathan. After
hearing the tape I would have accepted any personality that came that day for the readings as I already knew she had the gift,
but Pam herself was a gift. When I first looked into her eyes I saw the calmness in them and was drawn to her immediately. We
are a large family & certainly pushed Pam to her limit that day as each person was struck by their reading & left wanting more.
When she was taking a tea break I could see that she was drained although her gentle personality did not want to refuse the
more everyone was asking about so I put a stop to the day. We plan to do this with Pam again after some time passes. If you are
looking for a true and sensitive psychic she is the one.
                    Maureen,  Berlin, MA

Pam was so understanding & accurate. It was a very emotional reading for me as there were moments that Pam had touched
on questions and worries I had in my life. I felt a sense of relief with certain issues that I struggled with for many years. I was so
happy to have Pam connect with my brother who I had lost 2 1/2 years ago, it was amazing. Pam has a very caring personality
and I was very comfortable with her. I have recommended Pam to all my friends and family. Thanks Pam!                                 
Cindy, Boston, Massachusetts

I've had hundreds of psychic and medium readings over the years and very few people have blown me away like Pam did. She is
a very sensitive, caring, spiritual person and a natural Medium Sincerely                                              Maryanne P. Marblehead,

Pam hit on names, dates, major family events, she left me no doubt that she was communicating with my grandmother whom
past away  17 years ago, amazing!
                     Gina A., Boston, Massachusetts

Ms. Landenburg helped me greatly after the passing of my son.  I wasn't
searching for anything in particular, but, found the information provided
was accurate and very comforting.  Her ability to sense what my son was
saying to her was amazing.  Though she didn't understand what he was
saying to me, she relayed information that was something dear to both me and my
son and it confirmed to me that he was trying to tell me that he was OK and
around.  I truly appreciate Ms. Landenburg's ability to communicate with
those spirits to provide the comfort that most of us need and want from
our loved ones.                                                     Joseph , Concord, New Hampshire

Pam is an incredibly gifted & powerful psychic medium, she has great compassion which she brings to all who cross her
path                       June L., Salem, Massachusetts

Pam helped my family in the fall of 2008. My 4 year old daughter started talking about her friend at the beginning of the summer!
She would be playing in her room and having a conversation with someone when no one was in the room with her. When we
asked her who she  was talking to, she said her friend. I asked her who her friend was and she told me the little girl as she
pointed to the corner of her room. My husband and I just figured she had an active imagination. Then a lot of unexplainable
things  began happening. Lights would flicker then blow, to the point we were constantly replacing the bulb. We didn't do
anything about it until one morning at 2am my daughter sat up out of a dead sleep pointed to the corner of the room and started
screaming. I picked her up, but she was inconsolable, she kept pointing and screaming "ouch". We asked her where it hurt and
she said "not me her" as she pointed and thrashed as if she was trying to get away from something. Every night for the next
few weeks she woke up screaming at 2am like clockwork and nothing could console her. It had gotten so bad that she wouldn't
go in any room by herself, she just wanted to be held and cuddled. Then one day our pet rat was going crazy in his cage, so my
husband took a picture of him and next to his cage in the picture was a blue orb.  We got several pictures of this orb through our
house.  I called and talked to Pam and she agreed to come and see if she could help.  Pam came and told me of 3 little girls who
had died in a fire, and told me they wanted to say goodbye, then they will leave. My daughter went in her room by herself for a
few minutes, while we talked and when she came back out she seemed relieved. That night my daughter slept peacefully
through the night and woke the next morning happy and ready to play. We haven't had any flickering lights since Pam came to
our home, and my daughter no longer talks about the little girls. She will play in her room by herself and has slept through the
night ever since. I can't thank Pam enough for all her help.                                                 Dawn D., Wilmington, Massachusetts

Pamela is phenomenal, she is the most gifted,passionate and caring psychic- medium-spiritual advisor I have ever came
across. I have had other readings in the past and no other psychic has come close to being as accurate or in-tune as she has. I
have had a Reiki  session with  her and felt the power of her healing immediately, Pamela is truly amazing.
      Faith G., Charlotte, North Carolina

Pam gave me a reading months ago, and it is still coming true today. She gave me a very detailed reading about my family. I was
told we would have a reunion, which I was very doubtful about. While picking up on the dysfunction in my family, she still went
on in spite of that and said we would have a beautiful reunion. Two months later, this happened. The reunion was as warm and
loving as predicted. Pam also picked up on a particular member of my family, describing her from head to toe and telling me we
would become close. This also came to fruition. Pam is the kind of psychic I would recommend to all non-believers. Her
prophecies are thrillingly  accurate.                               Jacqueline S. Salem, Ma

She has picked up on things about me that no one knows and is to the T about them.  She has also done Reiki for me and that
has been a wonderful experience as well.  Her passion for her work makes her one of the best psychics I've ever met.  I will be
going back to her for more reading and reiki treatments.            Carol M., Chelsea, Massachusetts

I just can't wait till my next reading & Reiki session with her. She is real and she is Great!
Stacey D., Wilmington, Massachusetts

All I can say is WOW!!! I loved the Attunement, it literally took my breath away! I can't wait for another energy session!                      
Crystal G., Naples, Florida

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